Top 5 Hair Accessories for Baby Girls

Baby girls are in fact the mirror of their mothers and they are very fun to dress up. Their little clothing, shoes, and cute accessories come in various beautiful combinations. But in fact, only hair accessories can for baby girls can add extra flair and feeling of style to any look. While shopping for baby hair accessories parents have lots of options to choose from available on the market today. And each type is created to be the best one for the child’s hair length and type. The article will tell about five most frequent ones that are easy to purchase in any store for babies or make as a hand-made thing. Check the options and choose those perfectly fitting for your little princesses!

1. Headbands

According to the statistics presented in the Internet, parents rate headbands as #1 hair accessory for baby girls. Mostly it is because headbands are universal for the babies with any length of hair and shape of head. Today the market has millions of propositions of baby headbands that come in various colors and styles, made of different fabrics and with different decorations. If you want your baby to look unique, you can always look for a designer headband for the little ones that will be one-of-a-kind to make your baby special!

2. Hair clips

Hair clips are the second most popular accessory for babies, and they are sometimes used even for boys! These hair clips work just as hair clips for women: they simply help to hold long and flyaway baby’s hair in place, and at the same time it adds unique style to any baby’s outfit. Hair clips also come in different colors and styles and are frequently matched by parents with the whole look of a child.

3. Hats

Hats are not only beautiful addition to any outfit but they are also very functional hair accessory for a baby. For example, beanie hats are very useful for winter time in order to keep the baby’s head warm in low temperature. The cotton and knit hats are frequently used in warm weather to save a baby from getting a heatstroke. A hat is actually a perfect fashionable accessory in any season of the year!

4. Bows

Bows are one more perfect stylish addition. According to the surveys in the Internet, most fashion designers recommend bows for little girls as the most popular trend nowadays. These girly, feminine accents are fun to combine with pretty skirts and dresses. You can find bows of different sizes and unique designs.

5. Elastics

The last but not least popular thing to keep unruly baby’s hair together is elastics. They are perfect to create various hairstyles for any occasion: whether it is a daily walk or a birthday party. In fact, this is the oldest and most beloved hair accessory of all times! Elastics can be invisible and have beautiful additions as toddler flowers on them to finish the whole look of a baby.

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