The best FPS game controller

There are a lot of toys for gamers out there. The market is quite lucrative, but are there any controllers that actually deserve your attention?delta six

One such case might be the Delta Six controller ( An assault rifle controller that works on the PC as well as on various consoles, it offers a new and exciting way of getting immersed into the battlefield action. It is naturally designed for FPS games. It is used for all the actions needed, from shooting to doing melee with.

But is it the best one out there?

Well what constitutes best is a matter of preference. What we can say is that it offers an impressive amount of customizability. From being cross-console compatible to being left handed friendly, there are quite a few things to write home about.

But what makes it stand out?

Well, for starters, it comes in a nice case! It provides advanced functionality you would expect from a genuine replica of an assault rifle such as recoil, reloading, zooming in and out, as well as melee.

What I personally find the most attractive is the sleek, smooth design you can probably not find in real weaponry!

The experience of using the rifle is said to be very realistic and the producer warns that the gun could be mistaken for an actual firearm, which is something they are especially proud of!

So, should you invest in it? Well if you are a hardcore gamer, then this is the toy for you. If not, consider the price tag. It is a great item to have and a great conversation piece!

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