Sphero’s BB-8 Toy: The Droid For You

The brand new BB-8 droid has taken the internet in frenzy. When the droid was first introduced, it had die hard Star Wars fans drooling over it. Disney and the famed robot making company, Sphero, merged their efforts and created the adorable, hands-down the best droid so far the BB-8. The droid was first seen at IFA in Berlin, Germany.

The crowd was going crazy over the bot and to have a closer look we had to go through long queues, shoves and pushes, but we managed. Although the previous range of robots by Sphero has been a work of art, the BB-8 has set standards high.

This bot can be controlled via all the Android and iOS devices through Bluetooth. Inside the droid is an accelerometer and gyroscope and a whole lot of other motors. Also, a super cool fact, the head of the droid floats on top of the body, magnetically of course.

BB8Droid (1)The app is a work of magic. The sounds and the music is typically Star Wars in every way. Also the droid can be controlled remotely and you can program movements on the droid. The droid will also respond to you by babbling or nodding.

The app allows you to record holographic messages and this droid has a mind of its own and he sure knows how to use it. You can leave the bot to go about looking at the environment and he can map it. The droid can develop a personality of its own, depending on the pattern of your commands.

The bot takes a good 3 hours to charge and play time is an hour long. The selling price is $149 which some might argue is too much but the shelves are emptying at an astonishing rate. So buy bb-8 droid today!

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