Kidults, who are they?

Kidult, a handy abbreviation of the terms kid and adult combined, is a grown-up caring about his inner child. Kidult is a fun and playful individual with a desire to always live young and feel young.

They like watching cartoons on a Saturday night, gulping down gummy bears and strawberry milkshakes. Kidults are proud as LEGO collectors who are more than willing to compete with little kids for the latest Simpsons mini-figures. They would go crazy after the new Batman Adventures Batman action figure that just came out. It doesn’t mean they are immature and refuse to grow up. These people are responsible adults who seek to have a little fun in their lives, who are still young at heart.

According to the magazine “Deutsche Welle,” more adults are buying toys for themselves and estimated that in Germany over 20 % of all toys were bought from grown-ups for their own collection. In the US, toy companies are targeting the grown-up toy segment which is expected to grow as the current generation gets older. As a good example, the expensive toys like LEGO and Gundam, their fans have been doubled over the past decades which tell that the potential impulse spenders are increasing. However, among the major internet toy stores, the grown-up targeting segment still remains at below 10% of the total toy market. Whilst many kidults struggling through searching thousands of online toy websites to find suitable products for their age, features a variety of products only targeted to Kidults. This online toy store promotes valuable and collectible toys tailored to the taste and interest of Kidults.

Kidult World is the first and only online toy retailer, offering a wide range of products including RC cars, Lego, games, plastic models, figures and collectible toys. The Website is dedicated to helping every kidult out there to relive youth and rekindle their childhood memories. They believe youth isn’t considered an age anymore. Youth has become a lifestyle. For many Adult fans of toys, Kidult World will bring the very best and fulfill grown-ups’ everlasting dreams of the childhood inside of them.


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