Entertaining and Pleasing Birthday Songs for Preschool Kids

If you are a teacher of over 20 students in a classroom, you will have to assure that you must see over a couple of birthdays coming this year in school. Usually a typical song of “Happy Birthday” is sung for these small celebrations so that the special day of birthday boy or girl can be memorable. The birthday event started losing its charm after a few years. So, in order to bring back the zing in this special day of your student, make sure to use more fun and entertaining birthday songs for kids.


Garfield Style

Jam Davis is the creator of a Garfield Birthday. Garfield is a cute tabby orange cat which loves her lasagna. This is actually an animated series which is based on animated strip with a clown Binky. It was the bane of the existence of cat. In an episode, Binky is showing up and singing at the door of Garfield by mistake a new “Happy Birthday” version in video songs for kids. This fun hymn must be a fun substitute to the so-called “Happy birthday to you…” While chanting this song, your preschool students may dance along like Binky is doing in the cartoon film. For a longer time, you can repeat this chant again and again.


Tropical Version

Inspired from the Virgin Islands, a typical Christmas song can be put in the simple and so-called birthday song to entertain your preschool kids. The lyrics of the song are basically “Christmas coming”. But you can change the same into “Birthday Coming” by looking at the scenario of modern times. Here you can change the song’s boy name by the name of your birthday boy or birthday girl.


For instance, if it’s the birthday of a boy whose name is Bob, then turn the song into “Mama, bake Bob’s cake”. Traditionally, this song is sung with clapping of hands in rhythm. Let your preschool kids enjoy singing along with clapping and rotating around the table when birthday child is busy in blowing off the candles.


In this celebration, you can implement other fun ideas inspired from the Virgin Islands. Over the shoulders of the celebrator, dress up vibrant shaded cloth and help him to resemble the island’s signature cloth. Also place bright flowers and little palm trees on the table.


Stevie Wonder

A special song was written by Stevie Wonder, an artist, for honoring the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther. In order to celebrate the achievements and life of Dr. Luther, the artist had filled the lyrics with positive cause. Not just for the birthday of Dr. Luther, the song can also be sung for the birthday of children.


The tune is upbeat and the lyrics are quite complex. But you can play its recording to celebrate the birthday of your student and let them dance along and learn the lyrics of this song. They can hopefully grasp the chorus of “happy birthday” in it. This is one of the loveliest songs for birthday ever.


We are providing some of the fantastic birthday songs for kids to play and enjoy with. Rather than playing traditional birthday song, you can add variation and bring in something different to the birthday of your guest of honor. Visit us at tutitu tv and enjoy video songs for kids.

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